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Fishing options

Beach BBQ with Snorkeling and Fishing

Sailing San Pedro Belize


Guests LOVE this day!  

You start the day out Fishing first in the morning, then on to do some Snorkeling North towards Mexico Rocks.  Afterwards there is a Beach BBQ where the Fishermen / Captain  ~ Martin  and his Crew prepare you a wonderful fresh catch  of "Fishermen  Style BBQ" as we call it!  Then guests can do a bit more Snorkeling in the afternoon if they like or beach comb a bit before heading back to San Pedro.   Water, Sodas, some beers and rum punch are also included on this trip.  

Cost is 475.00 US for up to 4 people.


Reef Fishing

Sailing Charters in Belize


Guests have the option of a Half Day of Fishing or a Full Day Fishing with Martin and Crew here in San Pedro on our 25 ft Panga with a nice canopy.   Half Days can leave at 8:00 or at 1:00 

(if there is a specific time needed ~ just ask) 

Full Day's leave at the Guests request and return later afternoon.  Guests typically catch different varieties of Snappers, Grouper and some Baracuda (yes you can eat it!)  

Full Day includes packed lunch and drinks and Half Day includes drinks and a light snack.  

Drinks include water, sodas, rum punch and some beers.  (Juice upon request)

If there is something special you want, just ask!  We can accommodate almost ALL requests.


Half Day 475.00 US 

Full Day 900.00 US 

This is for up to 4 people for the day!


Deep Sea Fishing

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Deep Sea Fishing  with Martin and Crew here in San Pedro is structured much like Reef Fishing however on a bigger 33 ft boat.  Guests can decide Half Day or Full Day and can leave much like  Reef Fishing, however fish seem to like mornings!  Not early but morning vs afternoon.

 *A Full Day is Recommended*

Half Day includes a light snack and drinks and Full Day  includes drinks and lunch. 

Half Day is 650.00 US 

Full Day is 1200.00 US 

This is for up to 4  people for the day! 



Flats Fishing


Do you want to  go to the Bayside and try your luck for a Grand Slam?  

Here in San Pedro we are lucky to offer this to guests.

We are one of the only places in the world it's possible! 

Catch and Release Fishing a Tarpon , Bonefish and a Permit all in one day if you are lucky enough! 

 This is for up to two people per boat.

 Guests can do Full Day or Half Day.  

Packed Lunch and Drinks are included on a Full Day or Drinks and Light Snack on a Half Day 

Half Day is 325.00 US

Full Day is 450.00 US


Sailing Charters in Belize