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We welcome you to the Island of Ambergris Caye here in Belize.  We are a smaller Tour Operation here on the Island and pride ourselves in more "one on one" service we provide to you our guests.   

Please note that while our prices may be a "bit higher" than some.  We are a Fully Licensed Tour Operation here on the Island and we don't "over book" our boats.  

*There are some folks around town offering trips and tours trying to undercut prices to try to get visitors to book  with them instead of  Licensed Operators .*   

We as a whole in the Tourism Industry here on Ambergris Caye are asking that you as guests visiting us, please ONLY use a Licensed Tour Operation while you are here and not the guys on the streets or by the water taxi offering trips for less.   

*First you get what you pay for in quality & service, they do not have the training that Licensed Tour Guides have. 

 *Second their equipment is not guaranteed to be safe or within regulations.

*Third they typically do not have the advanced training is water Safety or Rescue.

*Forth, they are typically NOT insured.  

So please make informed decisions while on your vacation.

This is not to "scare" anyone away from coming to Belize as Belize is BEAUTIFUL, the people are Amazing and Culture Wonderful and Diverse,  but to be in full disclosure to guests coming that WE are Safe, WE are Insured and WE are a Licensed Tour Operation and employ Licensed Tour Guides.  

With that said ~ We look forward to meeting you soon!

Owners of Xsite Belize Sailing & Adventures

Nef & Tammy