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Day Sailing


Day Snorkeling &  Sailing to Caye Caulker 



Dive the Blue Hole 

Over Night Charter Sailing



day sail to caye caulker w Snorkeling


Day Sail with Snorkling to Caye Caulker and KoKo King.  

We leave at 10:00 am and set sail to Hol Chan Marine Reserve, the #1 Marine Park in the World,  all while enjoying refreshments to keep cool and hydrated.  Once we arrive we go on  a guided snorkel of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve seeing over 250 types of fish, big turtles, eels,   This takes roughly 45 mins to an hour with our knowledgeable and attentive Guides.   

All of our Guides are licensed Tour Guides and most hold  Advanced Skills in Diving.  All of our Guides are very knowledgeable of  the waters and their surroundings.  All are very concerned about protecting our beloved Barrier Reef, so no touching or taking anything from any of the sites.  Afterwards once all guests are back on board, we offer fresh towels to guests to freshen up and relax as well as more refreshments and fruit is served. Once we arrive at Shark & Ray Alley guests can swim with Nurse Sharks (harmless) and the Sting Rays.  After guests are done swimming they will get back on board  and we have more fresh towels and we serve homemade ceviche along with OPEN BAR and local rum cocktails.  If guests don't swim with sharks and rays guests can have beverages after snorkeling Hol Chan Marine Reserve.  Once under way we sail on up the West side of Caye Caulker typically seeing dolphins along the way.   We arrive at a private beach called KoKo King where guests get off and stretch their legs, have lunch (not included)  and enjoy the afternoon.  There are loungers beside the water, inner tubes to float in or hammocks to relax in or a beautiful  over the water restaurant and bar to sit and have cocktails at.  We set sail to come back to San Pedro at roughly 4:00/4:30 enjoying more rum drinks in the open bar and taking in the sunset coming home.  We arrive back at roughly 5:30/6:00 pm depending on the wind.

Guests LOVE this day!

Cost is 85.00 US per person + park fee and snorkel gear.

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Four Day Three Night Sailing w SNorkeling & Fishing charter


Four Days / Three Night Sailing Charter 

This trip can include BLUE HOLE!  

Half Moon Caye, Painted Wall, Quebrada and The Aquarium to name a few places we dive /snorkel.

This is a trip of a life time!  

All Inclusive.

We set sail in the morning of your first day headed South towards the Turneffe Atolls.  We have lunch on board while sailing and fishing.  We will stop at two sites to dive / snorkel the first day.  All are beautiful and clarity is visible to over a 100 feet deep.  Sites may vary due to weather and wind.  We want you happy and comfortable. and safety first!   After diving/snorkeling we will either stop for the night  having reached our destination or sail a bit more depending on how far we manged to get for the day.  Dinner is prepared for guests on board.  If fish/seafood was caught and  we are "in season" for lobster or conch we will prepare that for you too!  All meals are based around catching seafood however if you don't like seafood we have that taken care of too!  Once anchored guests can fish from the back of the boat, use the inner tubes to swim  or just relax in the nets in front.  

The following day guests are up early as the sun rises early.  We set sail to our first stop the Blue Hole if this is on the "agenda" having breakfast while sailing along the way.  Once we arrive we are typically the first to the site for the day which great to have the best visibility.  Afterwards we head to our next site for another wall dive / snorkel.  Lunch is served around mind day.  Before or after the dive (depending on guests and what they want to do).  Then it is off to Half Moon Caye (one of our all time favorites) for the afternoon/evening.  Half Moon Caye is a National Monument of Belize located in the Southeast corner of the Light House Reef Atoll.  Here guests can see the only viable breeding ground for the Red-Footed Boobie Bird  in the Western Caribbean.  The Sanctuary  is amazing.  Then guests can beach comb trying to see the Leaf Toed Gecko found no where else in the world.   The crescent shaped caye supports two eco systems with the West side and dense vegetation and the East section with coconut palms.  Dinner is served in the evening when the guests are ready to settle in for the night.   This day we will not be fishing since this is a Marine Reserve.

The next day  we set sail and enjoy breakfast while heading to our next site for more diving or snorkeling.  The dive sites are plentiful so depending on weather will decide where we head to for the day.  Lunch will be served while underway sailing also.  There are plenty of caye to see along the way.  Picture perfect!  We will sail to Gallos Point typically for the night.  Dinner on board before guests are ready to retire for the night.   The stars are AMAZING!  (this is also the night that if guests want to dive or snorkel we offer a Night Dive or Night Snorkeling)

Once again we are up early as the sun shines bright.   This being our last day we are working our way back to Ambergris Caye however we still have lots to see!  Breakfast is served again when guests are ready.  We have two more dives/snorkel stops to do this day  while headed back caye.  After the diving / snorkeling we have lunch while sailing back to Ambergris Caye.  Typically arriving around 4:00 pm.

Cost is is 1100.00 US per person with a minimum of 4 people and Maximum of 8 people  / 6 is our  preferred number.    Captain, 1st Mate, Crew , Cook, Cooking, Sailing, Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing and some Spearing.  All meals, drinks, local house bar, snacks and FUN you can have are all included in this trip of a life time!!!

One over night SNORKELING with camping



This day starts rather earliy to get everything in for the day.  Guests set sail at 8:00 am from San Pedro to take in the sites along the way to another island for a camping adventure.  We provide a light snack at roughly 10:00 am so those not having had breakfast are energized as well as  having refreshments so all have plenty of hydration for snorkeling.  We will stop for two snorkel stops  all the while fishing.  Stops are weather dependant.  We will serve lunch on board of our famous burritos after the second snorkel stop.  We will be serving local  rum drinks all day long.  On arrival our Guides will set up camp while guests enjoy an island snorkel/island tour for the afternoon/early evening.  Once guests are back they can freshen up using our solar showers to get ready for dinner.  We provide all towels, linens, camping equipment, snorkel gear, everything you will need for this adventure.  The local famous rice and beans with stewed chicken is for dinner!  YUM!  Typically this is an early evening as guests have had plenty of sun for the day .  The following day we are up early with coffee, juice and breakfast.  While guests are eating and doing a bit of beach combing Guides are packing up for the day to come with more snorkleling, fishing and island hopping.  A light snack along with more refreshments is served all morning to all guests needing something to munch on.  Lunch will be served at roughly mid day / 1:00 for tacos.   Sail returns to San Pedro at roughly 5:00 pm. !

Super fun trip!

Minimum of 8 people to sail / Maximum of 20 people on board for this adventure



San Pedro to Placencia

If you want to SEA some of the Caye and Atolls and want to further your journey through Belize going South.  THIS IS THE TRIP FOR YOU!

We leave the first day at roughly 8:00/9:00 am and Sail South towards Goffs Caye or Turneffe Elbow (depending on the wind).  Enjoying snacks, lunch and open house bar all while fishing along the way.  Guests will stop for snorkeling enjoying the beautiful crystal clear waters.   On arrival the Crew will serve a nice dinner.  Afterwards guests can fish off the back of the boat in the evening, relax in the nets or possibly beach comb.  The following day starts early as the sun comes up early and guests are typically tired from a long day in the sun so bed times tends to be  early.  

Depending on the number of guests will determine sleeping arrangements.  Camping can be accommodated or sleeping on the boat in the four cabins is also an option.  

The following day we set sail early enjoying fresh home made breakfast by the crew while sailing.  We stop for some snorkeling as we make our way towards Placencia.  Lunch will be served around 1:00 as we make our approach to the peninsula of Placencia.  On arrival at the Port guests can find one of the many quaint places to stay.  If guests want to make reservations in advance through us please let us know.   





This is an AMAZING Adventure!  

Four Days  / Three Nights -  We can include 6 DIVES and there is plenty of Snorkeling and Fishing along the way!

And when we say "All Inclusive" we mean it!

Sailing, Snorkeling,  Fishing & some Spearing with Captain, Crew, Guides, Meals, Cooking, Drinks &  House Bar are all  included in this fabulous adventure!  All you need to do is remember to reapply sunscreen!      

 COST:  900.00 US per person/minimum of 4 people/maximum of 8 people  - May 1st to November 15th

                1100.00 US per person/minimum of 4 people/maximum of 8 people - November 15th to April 31st


Day Sail to Caye Caulker with Snorkeling

Sailing with Snorkeling - Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark & Ray Alley.  Sailing up the West side of Caye Caulker to KoKo King on Miss Faith.  At KoKo King guest can enjoy the private beach, loungers, hammocks and water volleyball.  Sailing back to include sunset.

COST: 85.00 US + Snorkel Gear and Park Fees



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We also offer other trips and tours

Are  you a Scuba Diver?  

This video shows a TON of what Belize has to offer.

1000's of sites and we feel the best diving anywhere.

Belize is considered one of the TOP TEN diving destinations WORLDWIDE with the Largest Living Barrier Reef.  

Local Sites are plentiful and close to shore.  

Off Shore diving is also available and sites are abundant.  

We are happy to have "die hard divers" and the brand new "just learning"  

We will put together the trip you want ~  to meet all our guests wants and needs.


If you want to sail and dive ~ we are the trip for you!   

We are the ONLY Sailing / Diving Charter that departs from Ambergris Caye, San Pedro

&  ONLY Private Sailing / Diving Charter in Belize where you dive from the boat!

*We have fast boats too if you only want to go for the day or half day*.




Want to go Fishing?


Guests LOVE this day!  

You start the day out Fishing in the morning, then on to do some Snorkeling and then have a Beach BBQ where our Guides prepare you a wonderful fresh catch  of "Fishermen BBQ" as we call it!  Then guests can do a bit more snorkeling in the afternoon if they like or beach comb a bit.  


Guests have the option of a Half Day of Fishing or a Full Day.   Half Days can leave at 8:00 or at 1:00 (if there are specific times needed just ask) Full Day's leave at the Guests request and return late afternoon.  Guests typically catch different varieties of Snappers, Grouper and some Baracuda (yes you can eat it!)  Full Day includes lunch and drinks and Half Day includes drinks and a light snack.  If there is something special you want, just ask!


Deep Sea Fishing is structured much like Reef Fishing.  Guests can decide Half Day or Full Day and can leave much like above, however the later you leave the less further away you can get on the boat for the day.  *A Full Days Activity is recommended for time to go futher out to sea,  Half Day includes a light snack and drinks and Full Day  includes drinks and lunch.


Do you want to  go to the Bayside and try for a Grand Slam?  We are one of the only places in the world it's possible.  Catch and Release a Tarpon , a Bonefish and a Permit all in one day if you are lucky enough!  This is for up to two people per boat and Guests can do Full Day or Half Day.  Lunch and Drinks are included on a Full Day or drinks and light snack on a Half Day

Fishing in Belize or more specific Ambergris Caye is AMAZING!

OTHER fun OPTIONS for guests


We offer "OTHER" fun things to do while you are here on Vacation!

Bayside Picnic with Secret Beach

Guests enjoy a stop for Snorkeling at Tres Cocos before heading to the Bayside.   Guests pass the Iguana Garden where Guides will point the giant iguanas sun bathing.  Then on to the Sandbar for a Picnic with drinks all while enjoying inner tubes and the beautiful sandbar.  Afterwards guests can decide if they want to stop at Secret Beach for a bit.  Time shared between both the Sandbar and Secret Beach is up to the guests, however return time is at 4:00pm.  Drinks are included on the Sandbar however drinks at Secret Beach must be purchased while docked.


Island Tubing

This is more of an "Adult Day".  

We put guests on the motor boat and take you up the coast about 8 miles .  Upon arrival guests hop in the inner tubes and our Guides tow guests back towards town while enjoying refreshments along the way.  We allow guests to stop at three or four places (our Guides can make recommendations for stops along the way).  At the stops guests can have more drinks, lunch or a snack (not included) returning around 4:00 in the afternoon.  Super Fun Day!

Around the Island

If you ever want to "sea" the WHOLE Island ~ This is the trip for you!  Guests start off headed South for a bit of snorkeling at Tuffy followed up the bayside of the island to Bacalar Chico  taking in the sites along the way where you will have a Fishermen BBQ at the Marine Reserve.  Guests can check out the Tower to SEE for MILES  in all directions of the reserve as well at the information center.  Afterwards guests get back on board and continue up the coast to the channel that separates Belize with Mexico typically seeing manatees.   After the boat heads out of the reef for a bit  into open ocean headed South to Tranquility Bay where the boat will come back in the reef.  Guests will stop for another snorkel  at Tranquilty Bay before heading back to town.   Drinks and Lunch included.  Maxiumum of 12 guest on this days adventure.

Local Snorkeling

We offer PRIVATE Day Snorkeling Trips

If there is something you want to do and it isn't listed here ~ JUST ASK!

About Us







            *We also offer customized charters to different destinations*  

                          If we can make it happen!!!   We will!!!  Just ask!!!


Mainland Adventures

We also offer:


Cave Tubing

Zip Lining

Al Tun Ha Mayan Ruins

Xuananich Mayan Ruins

Tikal Mayan Ruins

Belize Zoo

ATM Caves

Horse Back Riding



We offer a COMBINATION of these not just one and we offer Private Trips ONLY ~ which means there it is ONLY your group.  Whether  there are two of you or 20 people ~ it is just you with us and our Guides!

Email :


Day Sail on Miss Faith our 42 foot catamaran


If  you are interested in a Day Sail or want  see something  more secluded on an Over Night  Camping Charter to a different island or want to check out the Turneffe  Atolls or even the "famous"  Blue Hole on a Private Charter, we can take you there!  +501-610-0226

Day Sail on the  Sailboat Miss Take or Catamaran  Miss Faith -  Visit Coral Gardens, Shark & Ray Alley and Hol Chan Marine Reserve to snorkel .  This trip includes lunch  but NOT Caye Caulker


Minimum 4 people Maximum 20

Day Sail on the Catamaran  Miss Faith / or  Sailboat Miss Take to Caye Caulker with Snorkeling - Minimum 4 people Maximum 20 (depending on the amount of guests determines the boat that goes ~ but we will go)!

This is NOT Private unless a Private is scheduled

Sunset Sail on the catamaran Miss  Faith -  This is private reservation only

Manantee Snorkeling and Sailing- This is a private reservation only and includes lunch


Email for more details!

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BELIZE has breath taking sites to see with the longest living barrier reef in the world.  

Our Charters as well as Day Sails are a fabulous way to take it all in!  

*Day Sails go out often so guests can "add on" with fairly short notice. *  

*Over Night Sailing Charters are typically booked in advance*

*Our One Overnight Sailing with Camping & Fishing go weekly. * 

Over Nights  Sailing  includes - meals, drinks, house bar, snorkeling, fishing, some spearing, Captain, Crew, Guides & cooking


Xsite Belize Sailing & Adventures

San Pedro, Belize City Belize +501-610-0226 Cancellation Policy: We have a minimum requirement of people on our Day Trips. We require deposits/payments to OPEN a Day Sail. We do NOT refund day trips if guests do not attend once a reservation is made.

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