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Snorkeling, Sand Bar & Secret Beach 

by Motor Boat "Local Day"!

This is a SUPER FUN TRIP!  Typically only "Locals" have access to Secret Beach and the Sand Bar  by boats as they own the boats here in San Pedro and this isn't a Trip that other Tour Operators offer.  So we thought "Why Not"

Guest pretty much decide the day!  

We typically leave at 10:00 but can go a bit later if the guests want to sleep in a bit.   We have water sodas, (juice on request) rum punch and some beers on board however guests are able to bring more or whatever they like on this day.  It is YOUR DAY!  We have a packed picnic lunch with sub sandwiches, salad and chips.  Lunch meat and all the trimmings!  Great Fresh Bread from the Bakery here is delicious!  

First we make a snorkel stop in Tres Cocos just to make sure everyone is getting to SEA everything we have to offer!  Then we head threw the river stopping by the Iguana Gardens to see the giant beauties sun bathing.  

Then it is up the West side of the island taking in the beautiful coast line and out to the Sand Bar.  Here we break out the drinks, throw out the inner tubes and everyone gets a chance to hang out and relax, play music, sun bath or do a bit more island snorkeling at the near by island that is somewhat connected to the SandBar.  Sometimes a little bit of sand is out of the water, sometimes there is a lot out of the water and sometimes it is ankle deep!  You never know depending on the month, the day and the time of day.  Here we have lunch and just chill.  At this point we have pasted Secret Beach getting here so Guests can determine how much time they want to spend AT Secret Beach after they eat.  Guests can just stay at the Sand Bar too if they like, however most like to at least stop by, walk around a bit, have a drink or two and then hop on the boat and head back to town.  If  guests do decide to  skip Secret Beach, check out Walters Place.  It is a very "Rasta" place on the water in the River.  Super Cute!  Ask to meet Walter too!  Super nice guy!  Great Pizza!  Again the Day is pretty much up to guests as long as you are back to the dock  by 5:00 pm.  (Any Drinks or Eats at Secret Beach and Walters Place are not included in this excursion)  

We hope you enjoy you day as a "Local" on this trip!  

Cost is 195.00 US per person plus tax

Minimum of 4 people 

Maximum of 12 people




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Season 2019 / 2020

Day Sailing with Snorkeling, Lunch  AND Secret Beach!


Cruises are scheduled to leave at 8:00 am.  

Guests may board and get situated at around 7:45 am.  

A light snack, water, juice or sun tea is available on arrival.  

Guests are off ~ headed South of the island for their first  Guided Reef Snorkel at a spot known as Tuffy.  Here Guests see Tropical Reef Fish, Eels, Rays and possibly Turtles.  Once Guests are back on board cool hand towels are shared to freshen up along with fruit and more refreshments as we Sail to our second Snorkel stop.  Once we arrive to our destination Guests enjoy a second Guided Mangrove Snorkel of Siete Canales.  Here Guests may see Star Fish, many Juvenile  Fish, Sea Horses and possibly Manatees.  Once Guests are back on board more hand towels are handed out while we Sail to our afternoon spot SECRET BEACH. 

While underway LUNCH IS SERVED a "Local Favorite"    Sabutes! 

Take your pick, Spinach and Cheese, Chicken and Cheese or the "original" Bean and Cheese with Pickled Cabbage and our Secret Sauce.  This along with Chips and Salsa and Open House Bar!  

(We do not serve alcoholic beverages before the Snorkeling is finished)

All of our Guides are licensed Tour Guides and most hold  Advanced Skills in Diving  and are Dive Masters as well as trained in First Aid and First Response and ServSafe.  All of our Guides are very knowledgeable of  the waters and their surroundings SO ASK QUESTIONS!  All are very concerned about protecting our beloved Barrier Reef, so please don't take anything.  

Once we arrive at the "NOT" so Secret Beach for the afternoon Guests will be able to get off the boat and enjoy the crystal clear waters, and relax for the afternoon.  (food and drinks at Secret Beach are not included)

The sea is calm and flat and guests LOVE to swim and float in the inner tubes here).

We load back up  and head back to San Pedro about 2:30/3:00 arriving  back about 4:30/5:00 depending on the wind.  Fresh personal blankets are available for those having had too much sun and a bit chilly coming back.

This is a BRAND NEW Trip for the season of 2019/2020

Day Sails are scheduled Monday and Wednesday or days of 8 or more guests.

*Please bring sunscreen and a towel.  Guests may leave things on the boat while at Secret Beach as the Guides will be on board.*