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over Night Sailing Charters

Four Day / Three Night Sailing Charter with Snorkeling & Fishing (Diving is an OPTION)

Over Night Sailing Charters in Belize

Sailing in Belize on this Four Days / Three Nights Sailing Charter is a great way to SEA Belize.  These trips typically start in San Pedro but we can make adjustments as needed.  We also end in San Pedro however we  can end in destinations such as Caye Caulker, Belize City or even Placencia. .

*This trip can include THE BLUE HOLE!  

*Diving can be added for an additional fee.  

*Cost depends on amount of diving done.

Half Moon Caye, Painted Wall, Quebrada and The Aquarium to name a few of the places we Dive /Snorkel.

This is a trip of a life time!  

NO ONE has ever come back disappointed from this Xsiting Adventure!

All Inclusive.

We include EVERYTHING!!!

We set sail in the morning of your first day headed South towards the Turneffe Atolls.  We have lunch on board while Sailing and Fishing all along the way.  We will stop at two sites to Dive / Snorkel the first day.  All are beautiful and clarity is visible to over a 100+ feet deep on most days.  Sites vary due to weather and wind.  We want you happy and comfortable and safety first!   After Diving/Snorkeling we will either stop for the night  having reached our destination or Sail a bit more depending on how far we manged to get for the day.  Dinner is prepared for guests on board.  If fish/seafood was caught and  we are "in season" for lobster or conch we will prepare that for you too!  All meals are based around catching seafood however if you don't like seafood we have that taken care of also!  Once anchored guests can Fish from the back of the boat, use the inner tubes to swim  or just relax in the nets in front.   We take care of everything!

The following day guests are up early as the sun rises early.  We set sail to our first stop The Blue Hole if this is on the "agenda" having breakfast while Sailing.  Once we arrive we are typically the first to the site for the day which is great to have the best visibility and clarity.  Afterwards we head to our next site for another wall Dive / Snorkel.  Lunch is served around mind day.  Before or after the Dive (depending on guests and what they want to do).  Then it is off to Half Moon Caye (one of our ALL TIME favorites) for the afternoon/evening.  Half Moon Caye is a National Monument of Belize located in the Southeast corner of the Light House Reef Atoll.  Here guests can see the only viable breeding ground for the Red-Footed Boobie Bird  in the Western Caribbean.  The Sanctuary  is AmAzInG!  Guests can beach comb trying to see the Leaf Toed Gecko found no where else in the world.   The crescent shaped caye supports two eco systems with the West side and dense vegetation and the East section with coconut palms.  Dinner is served in the evening when the guests are ready to settle in for the night.   (This day we will not be fishing since this is a Marine Reserve).

The next day  we set Sail and enjoy breakfast while heading to our next site for more Diving or Snorkeling.  The Dive sites are plentiful so depending on weather will decide where we head to for the day.  Lunch will be served while underway Sailing .  There are plenty of Cayes to see too!  Picture perfect!  We will Sail to Gallos Point typically for the night.  Dinner on board before guests are ready to retire.   The stars are BRIGHT TONIGHT!  (this is also the night that if guests want to Dive or Snorkel we offer a Night Dive or Night Snorkeling)

Once again we are up early as the sun is shining.   This being our last day, so we are working our way back to Ambergris Caye however we still have lots to see!  Breakfast is served again when guests are ready.  We have two more Dives/Snorkel stops to do this day  while headed back.  After the Diving / Snorkeling we have lunch while Sailing back to Ambergris Caye.  Typically arriving around 4:00/5:00 pm.

Cost is is 1100.00 US per person / plus tax with a minimum of 4 people and Maximum of 8 people.    Captain, 1st Mate, Crew , Cook, Cooking, Sailing, Snorkeling, Fishing and some Spearing.  All meals, drinks, water, sodas,  local house bar, snacks and FUN you can have are all included in this trip!

*Diving can be added for an additional cost of how many dives are done and tanks used.*

011-501-610-0226  /

One Over Night Sailing Charter with Snorkeling

Sailing Catamaran in Belize

From San Pedro:  One Over Night Sailing Charters in Belize allow guests to "get their feet wet" and check out Sailing in Belize. 

We  can design this a bit to what guests want to do.  We can take you Sailing and Diving on this adventure as well!  Or if guests just want to have a party on board ....we can do that too! We can camp out if guests like or we can moor out at Caye Caulker for the evening.  

We can Sail and just see some of the Cayes and Atolls.  

We Customize these Trips and Tours for you our Guests!

Let us know what you want to do and if we can make it happen we will!

Cost is 1500.00  US a day for up to 4 people plus park fee and tax.


Sailing ,Snorkeling, Fishing with Camping Charter & Secret Beach

Sailing in Belize

NEW for 2019 / 2020 SEASON

Leave Thursday Return Friday

Sailing, Snorkeling, Fishing and Camping in Belize with visiting the Famous Secret Beach!

Guests depart at 8:00 am from San Pedro to take in the sites along the way stopping for a Guided Snorkel at Hol Chan Marine Reserve.  Afterwards,  guests head to another spot for more Snorkeling and some Spearing for dinner.  We provide a light snack at roughly 10:00 am so those not having had breakfast yet, are energized.  As well, everyone having refreshments all along the way so all have plenty of hydration for the Snorkeling.   During and after our second stop we will Fish while we head South.  

*YES we eat what we catch on our trips*

 We will be serving lunch and  water, some sodas, juice, local  rum drinks and rum punch all day long.  

*Guests may bring additional beverages if they so choose.* 

Once we arrive to "The Not So Secret Beach" Guests are allow to walk around and take in the sites for the afternoon.   (Drinks and Food here  at Secret Beach are not included).   

Later in the afternoon we will sail to our camp site.   

Guides will help set up camp with guests. 

Once guests are set up with camp site, they can Swim, Snorkel some more, use the Inner Tubes or or just freshen up for the evening using our solar showers as we set up for a camp fire and dinner.  We provide all towels, linens, camping equipment, snorkel gear, everything you will need for this Over Night Adventure.  

The "local favorite" rice and beans with stewed chicken is served for dinner with fresh fish caught that day (conch and lobster in season too).  YUM!  Typically this is an early evening as guests have had plenty of "sun and fun" for the day . Guests are also provided with lanterns and drinking water for their tents once they retire.   The following day we are up early with coffee, juice and breakfast.  While guests are eating and doing a bit of beach combing, Guides are packing up for the day to come with more Snorkeling, Fishing and RELAXING.  A light snack along with more refreshments is served all morning to all guests needing something to munch on.  A late morning Snorkel is a great way to cool off.

 Lunch will be served at roughly mid day while Sailing.  More afternoon Snorkeling before heading back to the island.   Trip returns to San Pedro at roughly 4:00 / 5:00 pm. depending on the wind! 

Super fun trip!

WANT TO SEE MORE than the average day trip!

2 Days of Snorkeling, Swimming, Fishing

with Camping

All Meals, Drinks, Snacks, House Bar and Camping Equipment

This is the trip for you!

*Minimum of 8 people / Maximum of 20 people on board for this adventure.

Cost is 350.00 US per person plus tax

All Inclusive



*In our High Season this trip goes Thursday to Friday so guests can plan in advance.  


Parties of 8 or more can make a reservation to go at any time as this is a separate Sailing Trip than our Day Sails to Caye Caulker and our Over Night Charters.  /  011-501-610-0226

Sailing Charters in Belize

Placencia Over Night Sailing, Snorkeling & Fishing Charter

Sailing Vacations in Belize


If you want to SEA some of the Cayes (islands)  and Atolls Sailing in Belize is beautiful!   If want to further your journey through Belize going South.  


Sailing Charters in Belize give you the best of all worlds.  Sailing and Snorkeling in Belize with Fishing and Diving!

This is a Custom Trip with arrangements made directly with us to make sure Guests are getting to do and see all they want on this Charter.

*If guests want to make reservations in advance in Placencia through us please let us know.    We have a few options based on price point for guests furthering their journey down through Guatemala*.

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Over Night Sailing Charters in Belize