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Over Night Sailing in Belize from San Pedro

Belize Sailing Vacations

Belize Sailing Vacations

Belize Sailing VacationsBelize Sailing Vacations

Island Tubing ~ Water fun

Email us with any questions you may have about this crazy, water fun day of tubing and snorkeling!

Island tubing this is an "adult day"

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Snorkeling & Island Tubing here in San Pedro is a Fun Different Excursions for the day! 

This includes "Adult Beverages" so must be 18 or under 18 with parents.  

We typically meet Guests or pick them up around 10:00 am or 11:00 am depending on what the Guests want to do.  We head North for a nice Snorkel stop around Tres Cocos, then continue up about 5 miles towards Mexico Rocks where we throw out the inner tubes and have Guests "hop in".  We will begin to tow guests to town enjoying  rum punch, rum drinks and some beers along with water and sodas.  *Guests may bring additional beverages if they like*.  We will stop at roughly 3 places along the way for Guests to get off the tubes, stretch their legs and have  lunch, snacks or drinks (not included).  We typically get back to town at around 4:00 pm.  

This is a FUN Family Day or Adult Day



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Sunset Cruises in San Pedro

Enjoy some Water Fun with us in San Pedro!  

Guests head North towards Mexico Rocks for some Snorkeling with one of our Guides then hit the Inner Tubes and go Tubing coming back towards town with stops along the way!  We provide soft drinks, rum drinks and a snack along the way.  (Drinks and Food at stops are NOT included).  Guests can decide where and when they want to stop.  Our Guides can help if Guests need some suggestions.  This trip leaves at 10:00 and back about 3:30/4:00

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This is more of an "Adult Day".  

We put guests on the motor boat and take you up the coast about 8 miles.  Guests get to snorkel if they like before starting their adventure coming back.  On arrival guests hop in the inner tubes and our Guides tow guests back towards town while enjoying refreshments along the way.  We allow guests to stop at three or four places (our Guides can make recommendations for stops along the way).  At the stops guests can have more drinks, lunch or a snack (not included) returning around 4:00 in the afternoon.  Super Fun Day for friends and families.

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